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Concrete spiral staircases

You can see many examples on our site of reference photographs.

The GILNE-Beton-Newel-stair doesn’t only serve its purpose, but becomes also an artistic element of movement. The technical requirements are reconciled with the look. It is a finished part, which achieves absolutely different effects by multifaceted layouts.

The GILNE-Spindeltreppe is fire-resistant F90 and offers excellent subsonic noise protection, on the one hand, by its massive construction method and on the other hand by a noise reduction system of the stair in the support points. The demands for the raised impact sound solution are thus fulfilled according to  DIN 4109.

An external control by an independant organisation Güteschutz NRW assures changeless good quality of the concrete. The  GILNE-Newel front stairs are certificated for a traffic load of 5.00 kN/m². Diameters of stairs from 1,50 m to 5,00 m with different diameters of the columns are selectable.


Individual wishes according to the architect and developer: facing concrete grey, with natural stone, flagging or carpeting; version as flyer or  open stairs.
Weather-proof, maintenance-free, foot-sure, fire-resistant, sound-decoupled  are ideal conditions for emergency escape stairs.
By the use of monolithic forms , the GILNE-spiral staircases don’t appear as industrial stairs and give every construction object an elegant, timeless appearance.


Spindel ø

ø max.


Traffic load

Fire prevention

20 cm 190 cm 3

3,5 kN/m²

F 60

25 cm 250 cm 5

5,0 kN/m²

F 90

35 cm 300 cm 6

5,0 kN/m²

F 90

50 cm 400 cm 10

5,0 kN/m²

F 90

Special design is possible on request!


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