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Gilne natural stone

Granit - marble - artificial marble

The choice of a stair and of the flooring of your house has to be well-thought-out, because usually it remains for decades.
Stairs and flooring should go harmonically with the houses architecture and be suggestive of spruceness for a long time.

Granit, marble and artificial marble are very suitable for these demands. On the one hand these materials are everlasting robust and easy-care, on the other hand they persuade being a vivid and natural beauty.

Every stone is unique and has a timeless attractive charisma.

is very stiff and frost resistant. Therefore it’s practical for public and private areas, for indoor and outdoor.
is a soft stone. It’s predominantly suitable for private areas.
artificial marble
is a cast stone, into which Granit or marble was incorporated. It’s robust and easy-care and so it’s appropriate in public and private places.


Structures and colors of these materials vary in such a spectrum, that no creative desires will be left open.


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